Grip Pressure

This should feel like you are holding a bird in your hands: firm enough that it won’t fly away and gentle enough as to not injure it.


Draw a straight black line on your ball and use this line to help line up your putts and be sure to be very precise – if it is a right edge putt make sure that the line is aimed at the right edge. Then match the line on your putter with that of the line on the ball. This will ensure correct alignment. Provided you have the right speed!! Easy!

Bunker Shot

For a successful bunker shot open up the club face as much as you can. The more the you open up the club face the more you engage the bounce of the club. However once the club face is open it must then be aimed at your finishing target. This is done by then aiming your body to the left. Swing along your body line and not towards the hole.

Effectively cutting across the target line.

The feel should be like casting the club into the sand the way a fly fisherman would cast his rod.

Marking your balls

I like to mark my fantsaic Titlelist ball with a straight black mark down the serial number, it helps me line up my putts. Here is a great tip make sure the line is straight.

Stay in the moment

Something I have been working on is staying in the NOW. If you focus all your energy into one shot without thinking of the result or the past hole you will succeed. I think Tiger is perhaps the best person I have seen do this. It is very difficult to do as one tends to worry about the future and dwell on the past. Imagine absorbing the moment just how much we could achieve.


Don’t hit the ball in them.

Lost Balls

Try not to lose them.


Don’t get sick. Eat vegetables, fruit, fat free red meats every now and then , salmon, tuna and Sam’s chicken curry!!!


Always try to do the best you can, pour yourself into the present and enjoy the experience.